The 2-Week Meditation For Anxiety Challenge Starts January 11th!

Improved Health & Wellness Begins with a Meditation Routine.

In our fast-paced world, are you letting stress, anxiety, and depression overtake your day-to-day life?

If so, you’re not alone. Worldwide, countless others are facing similar challenges throughout their own lives.

Although your current life may be filled with stress, starting a meditation journey is the first step toward progress.

Interested in learning life-changing meditation techniques from skilled instructors? Get started with the 7-Day Meditate to Alleviate Stress Challenge!

“But I’ve Thought About or Tried Meditation in the Past and Failed...”

Although you may have tried meditation in the past, the 7-Day Meditate to Alleviate Stress Challenge uses innovative methods that turn into habit.

Here's how The 7-Day Meditate to Alleviate Stress Challenge works:

Guided Meditation

Each session is guided, meaning you’ll have an experienced mentor taking you through each progression.

Small Groups

You’ll participate as part of a small group, providing a sense of community that

encourages you to keep moving forward with your journey.

Online Participation

Sessions are online, empowering you to make positive changes from the

comfort of your home. 

“As a result of this meditation... every moment of life is fill with love and gratitude."

Irene P./ Science Resource Teacher/ California

As a result, The 7-Day Meditate to Alleviate Stress Challenge provides the perfect conditions to help you succeed.

Trained in meditation techniques and motivated to help others, the members on our dedicated staff have changed their lives through meditation and are passionate about  helping you achieve a spiritual awakening of your own.

Get Started Today

Our program lays the groundwork for a consistent

meditation routine. As a result, you can expect:​

Decreased anxiety

Helping you overcome the push and pull of daily life

Restorative Sleep revitalizing your waking hours by ensuring restful nights

Heightened Relaxation

Offering tranquility and peace of mind

Improved Confidence establishing greater self-assurance and esteem

The 7-Day Meditate to Alleviate Stress Challenge will take place from

January 11th - 17th, 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST via Zoom.

Sign up today for reduced stress and increased life fulfillment.

The Challenge Starts January 11th, 2021