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Universal Meditation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping all people to recover their original nature. We strive for everyone to live with inner peace and happiness, to coexist with people, nature, and the world.

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of highly trained and deeply dedicated meditators who have completed this meditation, and are now able to help guide you on your own meditation journey. 

Having experienced profound changes in our own lives,

we are passionate about connecting to people and helping them achieve their own spiritual awakening.

What We Do

We are now offering free meditation classes, online and in person, to help people find hope, inner peace, and true happiness.

Welcome to Universal Meditation

Universal Meditation is a not-for-profit organization. It is organized under the IRS Section Code 501(c)(3) for charitable purpose. We teach a groundbreaking meditation method to help people recover their original nature and change their lives, regardless of their age, culture, educational or religious background.

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